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Eloquent Written and Oral Advocacy in Florida and Federal Courts


The artful and persuasive drafting of a written brief, as well as the passionate advocacy of an oral argument, can be invaluable in a trial or appellate court. While Mr. Weissbein - like many attorneys - has made numerous and regular court appearances, he also has an enormous amount of experience preparing well researched and compelling legal and factual arguments for trial and appellate courts in both the Florida and the federal systems. His extensive litigation experience also has allowed him to develop passionate and compelling oral advocacy skills that can make a difference between a win or a loss before a trial judge or appellate panel. In protracted business litigation, of course, that difference can represent a substantial financial windfall or loss. Whether you are an attorney who needs assistance with brief writing and/or a contested court hearing or an unrepresented party, Mr. Weissbein offers written and oral advocacy skills. This expertise has been developed during his decade of experience representing clients in thousands of litigated cases.

Since his tenure as a law clerk for Bruce Rogow during law school, Mr. Weissbein has proven his effectiveness in trial and appellate matters. Beginning during that formative stage of his career, Mr. Weissbein has consistently been involved in brief preparation and oral arguments in civil litigation and appellate practice related to commercial matters, insurance defense, real estate matters and other areas of law. As a law clerk over a decade ago, Mr. Weissbein was intimately involved in high-profile litigation, including an eight-day civil trial (Kelley v. Jet Aviation, Inc., et al.) and an appeal from a $1.6 billion judgment (Coleman Parent Holdings, Inc. v. Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.). During this early stage of his professional career, he also prepared successful briefs to the Florida Supreme Court, which settled novel issues of law, and assisted with other civil and criminal cases and appellate briefs in both state and federal courts. It was, indeed, through his writing ability that Mr. Weissbein was afforded this uncommon access to watch and learn the efficient practices of one of our nation’s premier appellate advocates.

In addition to being a highly skilled appellate advocate, Mr. Weissbein’s refined abilities as a litigator at the trial level provide him with an additional level of sophistication in understanding the various procedural idiosyncrasies that may emanate from the rulings in the courts below. During a single five-year period, Mr. Weissbein led the active litigation of nearly 3,000 cases statewide and obtained many successful results for clients. Because he has been involved extensively in litigation in trial courts and the preparation of briefs in state and federal courts, Mr. Weissbein is uniquely qualified to provide assistance in preparing thoroughly researched and persuasively argued briefs. Further, his extensive court appearances, numerous depositions, and many trials have prepared him to be effective in bringing written argument to life for a judge, jury, or appellate panel.

Moreover, Mr. Weissbein has a wealth of knowledge grounded deeply in the founding principles of our jurisprudence. In his years of formal legal studies that preceded his tenure in law school, Mr. Weissbein’s concentration was in the study of the history and philosophy of the law and of American government. This deep foundational understanding of the underpinnings of our legal system affords Mr. Weissbein a unique perspective and provides him with valuable insight as he navigates fine points of law on behalf of his clients. Through meticulous analysis, Mr. Weissbein is able to identify and illuminate the crucial elements that reveal the path for his clients’ success.

Mr. Weissbein knows many attorneys lack the necessary time to commit to the process of thoroughly researching and writing a legal brief when faced with court deadlines, demanding clients, and a busy trial calendar. Appellate court decisions often turn entirely on the legal contentions and arguments in an appellate brief because the courts now rarely entertain oral arguments. Our law firm provides assistance to trial attorneys who are inexperienced in appellate work or want a second pair of eyes to confirm that an appellate brief persuasively raises all the relevant issues on appeal in a compelling manner. Because of Mr. Weissbein’s vast experience in preparing briefs and oral arguments, he has a thorough recognition of the law and the standard required to prevail on appeal. He can analyze the trial record, identify all legal grounds for an appeal, and craft winning legal arguments.



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