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Providing the Full Range of Legal Services for Artists in Florida


Weissbein Law provides its entertainment & media clients with wide-ranging and collaborative business and legal representation. In addition to our entertainment litigation services, Weissbein Law provides full support on all aspects of financial transactions, acquisitions, all stages of development, production, and licensing of a project from start to finish. Weissbein Law prides itself in catapulting clients’ strategic relationship development and securing of licensing agreements in order to exploit their work across multiple market segments of the entertainment industry.  


The firm’s entertainment transactional services include:  


  • Film and television acquisition, development, distribution and financing agreements


  • Rights acquisitions for entertainment matters across all media platforms 


  • Production counsel film and television projects, including but not limited to entity formation, clearance, talent agreements, guild negotiations, service provider agreement, etc.

  • Representation of various types of talents including, musicians, actors, writers, directors, producers and other artists in the drafting and negotiation of agreements


  • Music recording, publishing, touring, production and distribution agreements


  • Licensing and merchandising agreements, including permission and celebrity endorsement deals


  • New Media agreements related to internet, wireless and mobile programming and distribution platforms, including streaming and downloading of entertainment


  • Representation of copyright royalty claims, including international statutory secondary rights collectively managed such as cable and satellite re-transmissions and private copy levies


  • Outside general counsel services, including contract drafting and negotiation support for entertainment companies


When you are an aspiring artist, there are many people who might try to take advantage of you if you lack legal representation. When you are starting out there are many within the entertainment industry who view you as a target who can be exploited. The decision to execute the wrong agreement can result in you being saddled with a bad manager, record company, agent, promoter, or distribution deal, which can end your career before it ever has a chance to get off the ground.  


In the music industry, for instance, while it is exciting to be signed by a label, music contracts are voluminous in length and full of complex, confusing terminology, which makes them nearly incomprehensible to anyone other than a music lawyer. Contracts as long as three dozen pages are fairly standard in the music industry. Up-and-coming musicians will be presented with many contracts. Musical artists will have to evaluate producer agreements, recording contracts, concert and festival agreements, promotion contracts, licensing agreements, and agent contracts with an enormous number of important and complex issues buried in each of these types of agreements.  


Miami entertainment & media attorney Jason Weissbein offers over a decade of experience practicing law, including an extensive focus on intellectual property law while representing various types of aspiring artists. The litany of legal issues that artists face can be overwhelming. Aspiring talent must protect their intellectual property rights, obtain copyright registrations, and trademark their logo and brand name. Mr. Weissbein has the experience and skill to represent artists in the full range of relevant areas of law, including purchase and option agreements for screenplays and other writings, mechanical licenses, negotiation, publishing, copyright infringement, digital rights, advertising law, sampling, synchronization rights, immigration, and peer-to-peer file swapping among others.  


Types of Entertainment & Media Law Issues – Weissbein Law


Mr. Weissbein handles the affairs of artists in all stages of their career. Some of the issues that we can help our clients navigate include:


  • Contract Law: Contracts govern the entertainment industry by defining relationships that entertainers enter into with others like producers and studios in the film, television and music industries, music record labels, various types of promoters, etc. When you are starting out you have limited negotiating power because there are so many unsigned talents looking to achieve success. Mr. Weissbein effectively negotiates for artists while analyzing potential contracts to identify traps for the unwary that can be buried and difficult to identify. We protect our clients from one-sided contracts and hidden contract terms that can derail a promising career.


  • Intellectual Property Law: One’s artistic creations are protected by the tenets of intellectual property law. Mr. Weissbein can determine whether the best form of protection for your material is through the registration of a copyright or by obtaining obtaining IP protection through some alternative means. If you believe that another individual or entity has misappropriated your concept, we can also file a lawsuit to protect your artistic creations.


  • International Law: Because of the globalization of the entertainment and media industries it behooves artists to market their products worldwide. Your Florida entertainment lawyer will need to be familiar with the law in other countries where your products or performances are distributed. Mr. Weissbein can also provide guidance regarding immigration issues when an artist’s work brings him or her to or from foreign nations.  


  • Defamation Law: Popular media and other artistic talents can oftentimes become the victims of tabloid journalism and sensationalist reporting, which are, many times, untrue. When an inaccurate story damages your professional reputation, it may give rise to a cause of action grounded in libel or slander against the publisher of the false information.  




Why Select Weissbein Law for Your Intellectual Property Needs?


We customize the services of our law firm’s entertainment law representation to the individual needs of our clients in ways that large law firms are ill-equipped to emulate. We also have less firm overhead, which permits us to pass on the savings to our clients. Our clients receive the experience, success, and professional skill often associated with a large law firm with the additional benefit of close, personalized attention. Our law firm provides a free consultation, so contact us at 305-357-2122 or through our website to schedule your appointment.

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