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Protecting the Innovative Ideas of Clients – Miami IP Lawyer


The fruits of the mental labors and creativity of business owners often constitute a company’s most valuable assets. Despite the intangible nature of such property, our legal system provides potent protections to safeguard such property from others who would steal this valuable asset. The Florida intellectual property law firm of Weissbein Law provides the full spectrum of IP services to protect the rights of owners of intellectual property through trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, trade secrets, trade dress, and related licensing and litigation. Jason Weissbein works to leverage his client’s intellectual property to aid the client in achieving success in the marketplace. Mr. Weissbein offers legal counsel regarding the most effective methods to establish and develop IP holdings and protect IP rights, so our clients can maximize their return on IP assets. From trademarks and copyrights to patents to technology and licensing transfers to IP audits and IP asset due diligence, Mr. Weissbein offers clients strategic advice on protecting and maintaining IP rights along with portfolio management.


Copyright and Trademark Protection


Our intellectual property law firm represents clients in obtaining copyrights, trademarks, registrability opinions, as well as conducting searches. Mr. Weissbein files and maintains many applications to register trademarks, copyrights and current trademark registries annually. We assist clients in establishing, challenging, and enforcing trademark rights in the U.S. and overseas. Although copyright and trademark are often used interchangeably by the media, these are distinct categories of IP protection.


Copyright protection covers the original works of authorship in a tangible medium. In this context, “original” denotes a situation where an author produces works through his or her intellectual efforts rather than modifying or copying an existing work. The term “fixed in a tangible medium” refers to a work that is reproduced, perceived, or otherwise communicated. Tangible mediums include books print and digital, printed images, video, blog posts, digital photos, infographics, and many other items. Copyright protection safeguards the holder’s right to reproduce, publicly display, perform publicly or prepare derivative works. While copyright protection is automatic upon production of the original work, our law firm can assist you in registration with the U.S. Copyright Office to provide greater protection if your copyright is infringed. Although you are not required to put the “circle c” on your work to make a copyright claim, identifying information on your work can help particularly if you share the work online where it can be easily appropriated.


Trademarks include a symbol, short phrase, design, single word or combination of these that distinguish or identify a company or person’s goods and services from those of others. Trademarks can also be registered to protect fragrances, shapes, colors, and sounds. Trademark rights are not automatic; they arise through use. Mr. Weissbein is well versed in the state and federal laws that impact trademark rights. When our law firm registers your trademark, you acquire significant rights to bar others from use of your mark if it is likely to confuse the buying public regarding the source of the goods or services. We understand that trademark protection preserves your brand image and establishes the reputation of your particular goods or services.


Copyright & Trademark Licensing


Weissbein Law helps businesses license and otherwise exploit their creative assets. Whether starting a new business, expanding an existing business or improving the quality of a business’ goods or services, in many situations, licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for achieving these business goals.


A licensing agreement is a partnership between an intellectual property rights owner (licensor) and another who is authorized to use such rights (licensee) in exchange for an agreed payment (fee or royalty). Some such licensing agreements that are available may be generally categorized as follows:


  • Technology License Agreement

  • Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement

  • Copyright License Agreement


In practice all or some of these agreements often form part of one single contract since in transfers of this nature many rights are involved and not simply one type of intellectual property right. Licensing agreements may also arise in other circumstances, such as, during a merger or acquisition, or in the course of negotiating a joint venture. Whatever the business deal, Weissbein Law is prepared to aggressively protect your interests as you venture into this important strategic arrangement.  



It is your name. It is your brand. It is your reputation. Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Simply put, your brand is your promise of what your products and services offer, and it differentiates your offering from those of your competitors. Your brand is derived from your business’ core essence and principles and must be nurtured and described in a manner that is engaging. Let Weissbein Law help you protect your brand through a customized strategy designed to protect and exploit the intellectual property of your business to the full extent of Florida and federal law. We help companies develop innovative strategies designed to maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolios.  


Trade Secrets


Trade secrets often constitute a company’s most important intellectual property because they represent cutting edge innovations that provide your company’s competitive advantage. Mr. Weissbein works tenaciously to maintain, enforce, and protect his clients’ trade secret rights and defend against claims of misappropriation involving many technologies and industries. Our firm endeavors to resolve and handle trade secret issues and preempt such disputes when feasible.




Why Select Weissbein Law for Your Intellectual Property Needs?


We customize the services of our law firm’s intellectual property practice to the individual needs of our clients in ways that large law firms are ill equipped to emulate. We also have less firm overhead, which permits us to pass on the savings to our clients. Our clients receive the experience, success, and professional skill often associated with a large law firm with the additional benefit of close, personalized attention. Our law firm provides a free consultation, so contact us at 305-357-2122 or contact us through our website to schedule your free consultation. We represent clients with intellectual property issues throughout Florida, across the U.S., and abroad.

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