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Serving Clients with Residential, Commercial & Investment Real Estate Needs


Weissbein Law has become a trusted source for legal counsel and representation based on Jason Weissbein’s extensive experience providing comprehensive residential, commercial, and investment real estate services to clients throughout all of South Florida. Whether you are a potential home purchaser, developer, commercial purchaser, lender, condominium association, real estate investor, or title company, Mr. Weissbein offers extensive knowledge regarding real estate issues, finance, and title insurance.

Our law firm can provide exemplary legal services regarding an array of issues that include:

  • Residential home sales transactions

  • Condominium law

  • Foreign investor services

  • Real estate closings

  • Zoning, land use, and building permits

  • Commercial property sales transactions

  • Landlord-tenant disputes

  • Purchase and sale contract negotiation and review

  • Real estate litigation

  • Distressed property acquisition and sales

  • Foreclosures

  • Title disputes

  • Homeowners association issues

  • Boundary and easement disputes

  • Real estate contracts

  • Title insurance

  • Real estate closings

  • Developer and contractor issues

  • Evictions

  • Short sales

Purchase and Sale

Having assisted clients in hundreds of sales, development projects, residential real estate purchases, and commercial real estate transactions in the Miami area and throughout Florida. Mr. Weissbein has the experience to effectively negotiate and structure the best deal, then promptly document and close the transaction. We can also assist with many issues related to the transaction, including financing, due diligence, environmental regulations, land use and zoning, corporate and tax issues, and issues related to distressed assets. Weissbein Law also provides exemplary representation to individuals involved in sale and purchase of assets and loans.

Loan Negotiation and Documentation

Our law firm provides legal counsel to owners, lenders, investors, and funds on financing strategies. We have the expertise and savvy to negotiate and document a broad spectrum of loans that include permanent loans, construction loans, working capital loans, acquisition loans, and other loans secured by real property. We also facilitate and coordinate development project loans through mezzanine financing, conventional lending sources, securitized and conduit financing, debtor-in-possession financing, and related roll-ups. Mr. Weissbein can provide a wide range of financing services that include:

  • Analyzing and developing leases as opposed to ownership advantages

  • Structuring and evaluating financing alternatives

  • Investigating compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Identifying economic and tax incentives

Land Use, Entitlement & Permitting

Weissbein Law handles compliance and permit issues for clients seeking to develop and locate new sites or expand and relocate operations. We work closely with local government officials to verify development and real estate projects are consistent with zoning laws and that our clients have all required approvals and permits, including vested rights. Mr. Weissbein is a skilled and experienced negotiator with a track record of success when dealing with local governments, including zoning boards, boards of supervisors, planning and redevelopment agencies, and city councils, as well as Florida and federal agencies in charge of land use and environmental land use matters.

Real Estate Litigation

High-value real estate litigation requires experienced real estate law professionals with expertise in sophisticated deal, ownership structure, and financing arrangements. Mr. Weissbein works to assess our client’s unique needs and the circumstances of each client’s real estate dispute. He works toward construction of a plan of action to quickly resolution the dispute and avoid litigation or to aggressively position our client for a successful outcome in litigation. Our firm works with a broad range of clients in real estate litigation, such as real estate management clients, builders, commercial tenants, real estate investment trusts (REIT), contractors, landlords, owners, institutional investors, condominium plans, sponsors of cooperatives, and more. Some of the litigation matters we handle include:

  • Owner-tenant disputes

  • Local government compliance proceedings

  • Renewal clause disputes

  • Permit issuance and compliance representation

  • Forcible entry and detainer actions

  • Zoning/development/legal use rights disputes

  • Access disputes

  • Demolition clause disputes

  • Warranty claims and construction defects

  • Nuisance proceedings

  • Condominium association & co-operative corporation disputes

  • Commercial lease disputes

  • Workout-related real estate litigation

  • Disputes involving contracts for the sale of real property

  • Eminent domain and condemnation proceedings

  • Land use litigation

  • Partition actions

  • Real estate loan litigation

  • Mortgage/lien foreclosure litigation

  • Real estate broker disputes



Why Select Weissbein Law for Your Real Estate Law Needs?

Our law firm customizes the services of our law firm’s real estate law practice to the individual needs of our clients in ways that large law firms are ill equipped to emulate. We also have less firm overhead, which permits us to pass the savings on to our clients. Our clients receive the experience, success, and professional skill often associated with a large law firm with the additional benefit of close, personalized attention. Our law firm provides a free consultation, so contact us at 305-357- 2122 or contact us through our website to schedule your free consultation. We present clients with real estate legal issues in Miami and South Florida.

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